Why Don't We Install A Lower Hook And A Bungee On Some Bags?

You might be wondering why we don't include the bottom hook and bungee with the Cam-Lock mounting system on some of our commuting panniers. Let me explain the reasoning and the advantages that this brings.

Picture of the back side of the Signature V waterproof pannier with Cam-Lock® installed without the lower hook and buggee

Signature V Bike Pannier

For exemple, the Signature V is equiped with the Cam Lock self locking mounted system without the lower hook and the bungee.

T-28 Bike Pannier

For exemple, the T-28 is equiped with the Cam-Lock self locking mounted system with the lower hook and the bungee.

How we make it work?

Our patented Cam-Lock® self locking system with opposing cams is very effective in locking the pannier to the rack. When the opposing cams close on the rack, the pannier is automatically locked in place and can't be removed unless the release handle is pulled.

Each cam has a rubber insert on the section of the cam that is in contact with the rack's tubing. This creates a "sticky" connection with the rack preventing the pannier from any movement forward or backwards while riding.

The Advantages

Not using the lower hook and bungee has its advantages.

The first is that it makes it easier to fasten the pannier to the rack and removes the fuss of a two step installation – very practical when you’re running errands and you want to take the pannier on and off several times a day!

Another advantage of this, is that the lower hook is no longer in the way when you want to shoulder carry your pannier.