Employee / Professional Program

Welcome to our Pro/Employee Program!

Whether you are commuting, bikepacking, or touring and part of the biking industry, we are glad to offer a discount!

This allows bike enthusiasts working in the industry to use Arkel products and be part of our biking community. 

What do we consider as in the industry?

  • Bike & Outdoors stores selling bikes employees;
  • Bike tours and adventure company guides;
  • Bike or bike accessories manufacturers.

You would like to apply?

Send us an e-mail to info@arkel.ca  with this subject:

Arkel’s Pro/Employee Program Request

Join the following information all in one email:

  1. Store or Organization name & address;
  2. Manager's name;
  3. Payslip scan or photo dating no more than 1 month;
  4. Your personal E-mail;

If your application is approved, we'll send the detailed conditions and how to use your discount.


We look forward hearing from you!

arkel professionnal employee program