Meet The Cam-Lock® Attachment System

Solidly attach and remove your pannier in seconds.
It's More Than A Mounting System
It's a Problem-Free Bike Ride

Whether you’re commuting to work or traveling the world, the last thing you want is your bag to fall, damaging your precious electronics inside. While some might call this an accident, we believe there’s a way to ride without compromising your gear or safety.

That’s why we invented the Cam-Lock. This patented technology keeps your bike bags attached to your bike rack, no matter the conditions. We also know that every bike setup is unique, which is why our attachment system is adjustable to suit your needs.

Assembled With Pride

In an era marked by automation, we decided to include a little more soul in our production process. Indeed, we work with a social service program for folks with intellectual disabilities and pervasive development disorders. They help with the assembly of our Cam-Lock mounting system, among other tasks.

Choosing And Adjusting The Cam-Lock

The Cam-Lock Attachment System fits with most racks.

However, it's best to make sure that it's compatible with your rack and to choose the right size.

Racks Come In All Shapes & Sizes

Our Cam-Lock doesn't discriminate. It fits on the majority of racks.