Meet The Cam-Lock®

Securely attach and remove your pannier in seconds.
It's More Than A Mounting System
It's a Problem-Free Bike Ride

Whether you’re commuting to work or traveling the world, the last thing you want is your bag to fall, damaging your precious electronics inside. While some might call this an accident, we believe there’s a way to ride without compromising your gear or safety.

That’s why we invented the Cam-Lock. This patented technology keeps your bike bags attached to your bike rack, no matter the conditions. We also know that every bike setup is unique, which is why our attachment system is adjustable to suit your needs.

Engineered for Ease of Use

The attachment system is made to automatically fit regular rack tubings. There is no need for special inserts. Furthermore, it covers the vast majority of racks on the market.

Step 1: Engage the bottom wire-hook of the pannier to any part of the rear rack near the wheel axle (if applicable).

Step 2: Lift the carry handle to open the cams and hook the pannier on your rack. When releasing the handle, the cams will lock onto your rack. Make sure that the hooks are well seated and that the cams firmly close underneath the tubing. Voilà!

Assembled With Pride

In an era marked by automation, we decided to include a little more soul in our production process. Indeed, we work with a social service program for folks with intellectual disabilities and pervasive development disorders. They help with the assembly of our Cam-Lock mounting system, among other tasks.

Racks Come In All Shapes & Sizes

Our Cam-Lock doesn't discriminate. It fits on the majority of racks.

Adjust The Hooks

Need extra space for heel clearance? With the help of a 3mm Allen key, you can loosen the screw at the base of the aluminium hook. This will allow you to slide the hook to the desired position. Simply re-tighten the screw and you will be ready to roll.

Bungee Length: Knot a Problem

Shorten the bungee to your desired length and simply make a knot. A knot may not win beauty contests, but it sure will not break! If you ever tied a knot in a rubber band you know that the more you pull on it, the tighter it gets; so the knot undoing by itself is practically impossible. By the same token, a knot is something that needs no tool to adjust, so you can undo it anywhere you want should you want to.

Slotted Hook Retention System

There are 3 positions for the wire hook that will allow you to optimize rack fit and provide you with the best heel clearance. This option is not available and necessary on certain smaller models (Orca 25, GT-18, Bug etc.). The first sign that the wire hook needs to be relocated is that the panniers will be pulled back towards the center; when this happens simply relocate the wire hook to a different slot. The wire hook is free floating on the bungee cord, meaning it will slide either forward or back depending on your bike and rack. This is really great for adjustability.

Remove The Bungee & Lower Hook

No room to place the lower hook on your rack? Don’t worry, the effectiveness of our Cam-Lock mounting system is what makes it possible for us to remove the lower bungee and hook without compromising its performance. As soon as you have a bit of weight in it, the pannier will not flap around and it will stay in place just as well as the panniers equipped with the lower hook.

Through Thick And Thin

Choose The Right Hook Size For You

Regular Cam-Lock

Fits rack tubing of 8 – 15 mm diameter

Oversized Cam-Lock

Fits rack tubing of 15 – 21 mm diameter