5 Differences On The Newest Signatures Bike Panniers

5 Differences On The Newest Signatures Bike Panniers

You might have noticed that we now offer a redesigned version of the Signature H Bike Pannier and Signature V Bike Pannier

Many people have asked what were the new features in 2023.

Since both versions are still available, we've compared the most recent and the oldest models to help you making the right choice.

Here are both versions of the Signature V Bike Pannier

Older Version

Recent Version

1. Sleek Silhouette & New Reflective Logos

Our team has redesigned the silhouette of the bag for a new contemporary minimalist look, perfect for professionals that commute to work daily.

You'll find 2 new refective logo, one on the front face of the bag and the other on the shoulder strap.

In addition, the reflective straps has also been move from the corner to the sides. 

2. Variety Of Rich Colors

From Ocean Blue, to Mountain Brown or Luxury Black, you now have lots of different options to choose from.

3. New Sustainable Fabric

If you wish to reduce your environmental footprint, the bags are now available in carboneutral X-Pac X11 material.

Natural cotton used to make the fabric is sustainably grown. While keeping its waterproof characteristics it provides a soft, cotton feel and appearance.

Learn more about X-Pac here.

Cordura Made To Last

Keeping sustainability and durability in mind, we still offer these bike panniers in Cordura 1000D, the most durable fabric on the market. This fabric stands out for its robustness and long-lastingness.

So if you wish to pass this bag to your grandchildren, choose Cordura!

4. No More Side Pocket

We’ve decided to remove the exterior pocket as its size made it difficult store items and very few peaple used it.

Signature H waterproof urban pannier with padded laptop sleeve view of the inside
5. New Internal Mesh Pocket

There is a new internal mesh pocket to carry a waterbottle (or wine bottle) and smaller items you don’t want loose in the bag.

It makes it easier to organize your belongings and find them quickly.

What is the difference between the Signature H and the Signature V Bike Panniers?

The features, fabrics and colors are the same for both bags:

  • - Waterproof liner;
  • - Padded laptop compartment;
  • - Comfortable shoulder strap;
  • - Strong Cam-Lock attachment system.

However, they will differ in their shape and volume.

Signature H Bike Pannier - 24 L

The Signature H (H for horizontal) offer a wide main pocket that can be useful for someone that needs to transport large items. It can hold up to 24 Liters of material.

Have a look at the bag

Signature V Bike Pannier - 28 L

The Signature V (v for vertical) has a lean and long figure. It can carry up to 28 Liters of material, it is our bigest commuter pannier.

Have a look at the bag