Arkel's Ambassador Program

Why Being Arkel's Ambassador?

First of all, you'll be part of Arkel's community and promote sustainable, healthy lifestyles, sports, and active transport.

We will also provide awesome specialized bike panniers for your daily commute or trip.

At Arkel, the majority of our products are handmade in our head office in Sherbrooke, Canada. Many of our panniers are made of carbon-neutral, recycled material from the US. Moreover, we ensure that all of our bags and panniers can endure the toughest conditions for your next adventure, whether in the Northern Canadian freezing cold weather or the blazing hot temperatures of the African continent. 

We will also give you visibility through our social media community such as Facebook, Instagram, and our website. 

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for passionate cyclists that enjoy riding, sharing, and inspiring people.

*At the moment we are mainly searching for commuters, who bike daily as part of their lifestyle!*

  • Provide high-quality images and videos so we can share, post, put on our website, etc.
  • Tag Arkel on content that shows Arkel's gear
  • Share our values
  • Write blog articles
  • Review our products in video or written format
  • etc. We are open to your suggestions!

Do You Share Arkel's Values?

Our team is working hard to have a positive impact on our community. We believe that ambassadors can join us and spread these awesome values out in the world.

What we stand for:
  • Personal Growth & Accomplishments
  • Health & Sport
  • Environment
  • Kindness & Respect
  • Inspiring & Daring Adventures
  • Discovery & Travel

Submitting An Ambassador Application

Whether it is sharing your lifestyle, raising funds for a charitable cause, to accomplishing a personal daring goal we'll be happy to help you and your project!

Indeed, we think it is important that your story should be shared with the community to inspire others and help spread the thrill of adventure endorsed by Arkel.