Handlebar Bags


      Why choosing a handlebar bag?

      Handlebar bags are probably the most convenient bike bags you can use. You don’t need to buy a pannier rack, it’s always in front of you, so you can’t beat it for easy access. 
      Ease of use, easy access to maps, snacks or even a camera for that quick shot. You can use these bags for touring or as your do-it-all bag. No other bag will provide this much versatility!

      What are the different option of handlebar bag?

      You'll find here different options of bags that are very stable, light and performant. If you are looking for a small (4 L), waterproof and easy to install (no tool necessary) the BB Packer, the E.T. Burrito and the Signature BB are the perfect options.
      If you need more room, the Rollpacker Handlebar bag is a great option as it is available in 15 L and 25 L.