Six questions for a family travelling by bike

Six questions for a family travelling by bike

Six questions for a family travelling by bike

Our marketing colleague Sarah ask questions to Bertrand Lemeunier, the father of a family travelling by bike with two young children.

Terra Tributa - Traveling to grow up means ;

  • -2 childrens
  • -2 adults
  • -4 bikes
  • -1 tent
  • -40,000km travelled on all their trips (New Zealand, Poland, Taiwan, Quebec, Canada)

Behind these figures lies a family, an experience, a life and a mission, and here are six questions he agreed to answer candidly!

Why travel by bike as a family?

To live an authentic life aligned with who we are and what we love. To pay homage to the earth through three key principles: dream, explore and share.

Do the kids go to school?

Children have incredible human experiences.

In addition to being home-schooled, they have many sources of learning. Tools that will serve them well for the rest of their lives (the list is long!):

  • - Speak English by meeting people;
  • - Learning geography;
  • - Reading, writing, and playing board games;
  • - Meet people from different cultures;
  • - Finding balance for yourself and within a group;
  • - Learning to understand and communicate needs;
  • - Adapting to a new environment;
  • - Meeting challenges and surpassing oneself;
  • - Dealing with crises and unusual situations.

What do children love about travelling?

They love the unpredictability of travel and meeting new people, but also getting out of their comfort zone (without going too far). As for Léo, what he likes most is visiting other countries with less pollution!

What do the kids find most difficult?

The hills. 

What's on the menu?

Lots of fruit and raw vegetables, seasonal vegetables, peppers, carrots, apples, etc. Lots of snacks! They eat sandwiches, cheddar wraps, tuna, and sometimes bags of soup, chicken broth or oatmeal when it's cold.

How do you organize a long family bike trip?

The key is to take small steps. It opens up new horizons, builds self-confidence and opens up a whole new world of possibilities! For planning purposes, we suggest research blitzes. For a few days, you invest your time in your project, reading blogs, looking at videos, maps, etc. This gives you confidence and helps you master the theoretical and practical aspects.

And accept that no matter how you plan, there will always be surprises!