5 Tips To Safely Ride Your Bike In Fall

5 Tips To Safely Ride Your Bike In Fall

The gray and brown season has arrived! It's time to take your motivation and your rain kit to get on your bike.

Whether you ride an e-bikeroad bikemountain bike if you commute in town, Arkel's team share with you 5 awesome tips to make your bike rides this fall are a dream even when the sky is pouring on you!

1. Adapt the way you ride!

Road conditions and visibility be random and destabilizing. Be prepared and change the way you ride your bike.

It will therefore be necessary to:

  • - Slow down, because when the temperature is low or  when the road is wet, the tires don't grip as much to the ground.
  • - Avoid sudden movements.
  • - Extend the braking period because the brakes are less effective when they are wet.
  • - Allow more time to get to your destination. When you are in a hurry to get to your point B, you can take unnecessary risks.
  • - Be more alert   and keep an eye out for road hazards.
The top 5 road hazards in the fall:
  1. Wet lines on the road and manholes;
  2. Frost on the road early mornings;
  3. Wet leaves and mud;
  4. Reduced visibility (darkness in the evening and mist in the morning);
  5. Sneaky squirrels.

2. Wear the proper clothes

Wearing appropriate clothing to fight cold temperatures and humidity can really make your cycling experience more fun. Don't forget your extremities: foot, hand, nose!

  • - Bet on the multilayer. The first layer will be a first layer, then a warm jacket and a windbreaker or raincoat. The idea is to take off the layers according to your body temperature.
  • - Bring extra clothes to avoid staying wet all day for example if you go to work/school.
  • - Make yourself waterproofed, think about gloves, coat, pants, shoe covers. Prioritize breathable clothing and first layers (moove away from cotton).
  • - Put on your most colorful & flamboyant clothes in order to be seen on the road.
  • - Dry your clothes when you stop somewhere for a few hours. It will save you from putting on wet clothes and getting cold on the way back.
    Men with proper clothing - bike fall

3. Give some love to your bike

Nothing too complicated! After a rainy day, the goal is to prevent rust from taking over your bike and keep parts running smoothly.

- With a cloth, wipe water and dust off your bicycle (even rinse it with a hose if possible);

 - Oil your chain regularly (at least once week), clean the mud and salt off the chain before oiling otherwise they act like sandpaper on the gears!

 - Store your bike in a dry & warm environment if possible, or cover it with a bicycle cover.

 4. Plan your trip

In the fall, several cities close the bike paths, cars can now park on bike lanes moreover, it is no longer allowed to circulate on one-way road with bike lanes.

Finally, prioritize lighted and safe bike paths than busy streets.

 5. Have the right equipment for your bike

- Mudguards are recommended if you prefer not getting a trail of mud from the butt to the helmet.

- Waterproof bike pannier are ideal for riding with peace of mind. Nothing worse than a wet laptop, a soacked sandwich or a humid dictionnary. If yours are not, you can buy rain covers.

Here are some of the best waterproof and durable bike panniers that could make your ride much more enjoyable.

Minimalists Panniers, Strong TPU laminated fabric

Ideal partners for your adventurous bike escapades

Urbain style panniers with laptop comptarment, made in Canada

Perfect for commuting to work or to school

Panniers maintenance can extend their life. Products such as Granger or Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarproof ensure that they are waterproof, offer UV protection and are easy to wash. Click here for more info.

Arkel saddlebags have:
-Urban design is not only attractive but also adapted to the needs of cyclists;
-Fabrics are 100% waterproof and ultra-resistant;
-Cam-Lock Attachment System that provides incredible stability.

In conclusion

You now have the knowledge to safely and brilliantly navigate roads in awfull weather!

Cycling is not only an efficient way to transit through town, it is alsoeconomical,environmentaly friendly and it improves your physical as well as mental health.

Who knows, maybe you'll bitten bye the winter biking bug and you'll keep riding all winter?

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