5 Steps To Store Your Bike For Winter

5 Steps To Store Your Bike For Winter

If you're lucky, you live in southern Canada and you probably still ride your bike. Maybe summer is approaching and you are planning your next bikepacking trip!

For the others (those who are a little less lucky) for whom the cold and the short days have taken over their daily lives, you are probably about to store your bike.

This is the right time to do a thorough cleaning of your bicycle and accessories, but it is also the opportunity to do their health check to be ready for next season! Here are lots of great tips to keep your bike in good condition!

These will enable you to ride as soon as the slush and salt has left the streets.

Psst : ​​this article is mainly an intervention to make sure you don't leave your bike attached to a fence all winter to defy the bad weather alone.

Minimalists Panniers, Strong TPU laminated fabric

Ideal partners for your adventurous bike escapades

Urbain style panniers with laptop comptarment, made in Canada

Perfect for commuting to work or to school

Panniers maintenance can extend their life. Products such as Granger or Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarproof ensure that they are waterproof, offer UV protection and are easy to wash. Click here for more info.

Arkel saddlebags have:
-Urban design is not only attractive but also adapted to the needs of cyclists;
-Fabrics are 100% waterproof and ultra-resistant;
-Cam-Lock Attachment System that provides incredible stability.

In conclusion

You now have the knowledge to safely and brilliantly navigate roads in awfull weather!

Cycling is not only an efficient way to transit through town, it is alsoeconomical,environmentaly friendly and it improves your physical as well as mental health.

Who knows, maybe you'll bitten bye the winter biking bug and you'll keep riding all winter?

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