Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag
Seatpacker - Saddlebag

Seatpacker - Saddlebag

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- Detailed dimentions 9 L here.

- Detailed dimentions 15 L here.

Position: seat and seat post

Seatpacker 9
Weight: 640 g (1.35 lbs)
Volume: 9 L (550 cu. in.)
Maximum Load: 5 kg (11 lbs)

Seatpacker 15
Weight: 720 g (1.55 lbs)
Volume: 15 L (925 cu. in.)
Maximum Load: 5 kg (11 lbs)

Quick Release treads size is M6 and can be replace by a longer bolt.


- Minimum Clearance:
Requires a minimum clearance of 7″ (Seatpacker 9) or 8" (Seatpacker 15) from seat rails to the top of the tire.

-Minimum post diameter or circumference:
Minimum diameter is 22 mm.
Minimum circumference is 71 mm.

*Please note: it fits all standard seat posts which measure 27.2 mm to 30.9 mm up to 33.9 mm, thanks to the flexible attachment.

Saddle Rails Space:
If the seat rails of your saddle are more than 3.5 inches (89 mm) apart (ex: Brooks Saddles), you will need a wide rails adaptor available in the Accessories section.

Other compatibility:
- Profiled seat posts: Compatible.
- Carbon Seat Post: Compatible
- Aero Seat Post: Compatible
- Suspension Seat: Not compatible
- Carbon Seat Rails: Not Recommended
- Suspension Seat Post: Not Compatible

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Highest level of quality and performance

Arkel's Seatpacker is a bikepacking seat bag for serious cyclist who demands the highest level of quality, comfort, durability, and functionality from their gear.

With its rugged construction, ample storage capacity, innovative design features, and no tail wag the Seatpacker is a reliable, easy-to-use seat bag that can handle any adventure.

arkel seatpacker on a bike - gravel road
  • - 100% waterproof;
  • - No thigh rub, thanks to its slim shape;
  • - Eliminates side-to-side movement (tail wag);
  • - Light aluminum hanger included;
  • - Soft rubber clamp to fit on most seat posts;
  • - Dropper post compatible.
  • - Handmade in Canada;
Arkel icons advantages - to tail wag- sustainable fabric - waterproof - made in canada
arkel waterproof liner - seatpacker bikepacking
100% Waterproof & More

While we use high-quality waterproof fabric, we designed it with an internal waterproof liner as well.

We could have stopped there but we chose to go a step further and tape the seams with a waterproof liner.

The outside fabric will protect the liner from daily abuse. You might scratch or even tear the outside fabric, chances are the waterproof liner will remain intact!

No Side-to-side Mouvement

The absence of movement is a key feature of this design.

The aluminum hanger attaches to two solid points, one to the saddle rails and one to the seat post. This sturdy and adjustable system allows a secure and stable attachment to the bike.

This hanger is the reason why sways or movements are completely eliminated while riding.

Arkel seatpacker bikepacking attachment system
Arkel seatpacker prevent thigh rub
No Thigh Rub

Every feature was designed with the intent to enhance your experience.

Its lean, aerodynamic shape prevents your thigh to rub against the bag for a comfortable ride chaffing-free.

There is also a solid inner frame to make sure it keeps its narrow shape even when it's full.

Compatible With Aero Seat & Dropper Posts

Thanks to the flexible seat post mount, this hanger will adjust and mould seamlessly to the aero seat post, without the danger of damaging or denting the post.

It is also compatible with dropper posts as the hanger is attached close to the seat.

flexible attachment arkel hanger
arkel seatpacker 25 L bikepacking top bungee cords
Carry More Stuff Or Dry Your Clothes

The netting on top of the bag allows you to carry things like a jacket or sandals.

It can also be used to dry clothes and avoid humidity and smell in the bag.

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