Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Give travels and memories to your loved ones. Something that will surprise them and last a lifetime. Give something that's as valuable to them as it is to the planet. 

Bags for Adventurers

For off-the-beaten-track cyclists who aren't afraid to get wet or lost. These are our bike bags designed for those who eat bikepacking for breakfast.

Bags For Commuters

For cyclists who brave the city streets every day, whether it's raining or shining. These bags have a streamlined look, are waterproof and designed to follow you wherever you go.

Bags for Travelers

For cyclists who explore new continents with only a bicycle as transport. Our legendary touring bags have earned us a reputation as the go-to for world-class explorers.

Five bags for gravel

They're small, cute, light and efficient. And they fit into a Christmas stocking. Discover our bags designed to hit the country lanes.

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More gift ideas

Give a bag that lasts through the seasons or can be attached to a specific type of bike.

They are best sellers for a reason.
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For E-Bikes
Many of our bags suits on E-Bikes.
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