What Is The Best Laptop Friendly Bike Pannier?

Here are 2 awesome options to commute daily with a laptop!

These are great waterproof panniers that include a padded laptop compartment

They are ultra functionnal for your daily life use, thanks to their comfy shoulder trap and their big size that allows fitting lots of grocery!

In conclusion
What Is The Best Product For You?

First, have a close look at the Different Key Features and the Conclusion on the chart on your right.

Then, it comes down to knowing your needs: how much volume you need daily, the style you like the best, the size of your bike frame and how big your feet are!

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Why choosing Arkel?

Made in Canada

80% of our products are proudly made in Canada! We create jobs and reduce in environment impact by eliminating long distance transport.

Social Mission

We work with a lively crew from a social service program for folks with intellectual disabilities and pervasive development disorders.

High expertise

Arkel has been designing high quality bike bags since 1987! With time, our team has developed an unprecedent expertise and unique patented features.


To reduce our environmental footprint, we choose environmentally friendly, durable, waterproof and locally sourced fabrics. We also help customers repairing their bags so they last longer!

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